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A fun fulfilled day to remember…

Khaolak Adventure Minigolf features an “ancient” jungle adventure city, built of red clay bricks, amidst lush tropical vegetation. Entering this impressive site in Khao Lak is like stepping into an Indiana Jones movie. Everything, starting with the reception and the restaurant, is beautifully laid out and designed.


Arriving guests walk towards an ancient temple wall, dominated by a seated Buddha statue with a waterfall dropping from a height of some four meters. Watercourses and plants sit side-by-side with authentically-styled and carefully distressed temple ruins.

Great fun
With Your Loved Ones

Khaolak Minigolf offers a different and fun activity for you to try with your loved ones in Khaolak. You can either come alone and test your skills, or come as a group and have a memorable day.

The one and only
Minigolf in Khaolak

Khaolak is very famous with great resorts, restaurants, diving centers and best tailors. Now we bring a new and super fun activity to Khaolak. Give it a try, you will be addicted.

Food and Snacks in Our Restaurant

We also have a restaurant in our facility that offers ice cold drinks, tasty snacks and absolutely delicious Thai and International dishes. Khaolak Minigolf is a great activity for everyone from all ages.

Minigolf & Maze & Big Chair

Every minigolf enthusiast can be sure to derive a maximum fun from this 18-hole course. Starting off with some easy mini-greens, the difficulty level steadily increases, though with one or two easier holes interspersed to give room for a soothing break, until the visitors reach Hole 18.

Hole 8 is particularly funny. Here, a realistic crocodile awaits the players with wide-open jaws. If the player manages to hit the ball right into the croc’s mouth, he or she will score a hole in one. Anything else leads to disaster. Puddles and broken brick walls abound.

At hole 18 one can easily hit the ball 20 times or more without ever getting it into the right hole. At the start, a player can choose from eight holes, and it’s a bit of a lottery. Two of the holes scores a hole in one, while the remaining six lead the ball through tunnels to crazy destinations, including taking it right back to the starting point.


Visitors, especially families with kids, will definitely have fun-filled hours for a fee of 450 baht for adults or 350 baht for children. Kids under a meter tall get in free. The prices are inclusive of Water, Cold Towel and 18 Holes game.


The Jungle Adventure Mini-Golf course is illuminated at night to ensure that Khao Lak tourists have a welcome activity option apart from the remaining three or four “hot and sizzling” pubs and bars.

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